Thanks to our modern cleaningmachines

we make our foods pure

A CO2 pressure treatment kills off insects at all stages but does not remove them. Therefore, if desired, a so-called cleaning step follows after the treatment. For this we have a completely new machine line that can remove the remains of the killed insects. In addition, the purity of the products can be increased. For example, if a batch is also contaminated with twigs, stones, glass or soil, these can also be cleaned out. No product is the same and every batch needs a unique approach based on the type of contamination and the purity desired by the customer. This makes cleaning a profession that requires expertise. Mostert and the Vrij B.V. has this expertise.

Our cleaning line

Our machine line consists of 3 parts that can also be used separately.

  • Sieving with wind
  • X- Ray
  • Packaging with metal detector

Cleaning process

The product passes these parts via a conveyor belt. Firstly the product is sieved and with the help of wind the pollution (including dead insects) is separated from the good product. After that possibly follows the X-Ray where impurities with a different density, such as stones and glass, are emitted. Finally, just before packaging, there is also a check for metal particles via the metal detector.

Our pallet stacker

There is a filling station at the end of the cleaning line. We have the choice to package your product in big bags or bags. The choice is yours.
The bags are packed completely automatically and stacked on pallets.