Through our modern pressure chambers
we eliminate insects in all stages of life

On the one hand, the constant increase in imported foodstuffs and the raw materials for these products and the increasingly strict legislation thereon and, on the other hand, the growth of the organic segment within it, also increases the chance of insects in your product. Products such as rice, but also pulses and seeds for the bakery industry are sensitive to the presence of, among other things, stock insects such as rice weevils or moths. These are innocent insects in themselves, but it is evident that they are absolutely undesirable in food. By means of this environmentally friendly process we kill all insects present in the product. The products that we treat by means of CO₂ high-pressure treatment include: bakery seeds, pulses, rice, herbs, nuts, dried fruits and flours.

The pressure chambers

The pallets are placed fully packed in the pressure chambers. Both rooms have a user length of 12 meters and each weigh around 25 tons.

These have a capacity of 15 euro pallets or 12 block pallets. Pallets with product for treatment may have a maximum height of 1.65 meters and shall not be wider than 1.3 meters.

The CO2 pressure treatment process

The duration of this process depends on the pressure, the temperature and the type of product. The pressure during treatment varies between 10 and 30 bar. The higher the pressure, the shorter the treatment time, but the use of CO2 increases.2 toe.

A natural CO2 is used for this process.2 gebruikt.

The sequel

Na de CO2 After the CO2 high pressure treatment, the product can be cleaned directly at our location, stored in our warehouse or transported to the final destination. Our logistics are organized in such a way that contaminated and treated products do not cross each other. Your product is in safe hands with us and is fully traceable.