Due to a rapidly increasing demand from the market for the combined provision of CO2 pressure treatments and the immediate cleaning of these treated parcels, Mostert & van de Weg in Nijkerkerveen and P. de Vrij Moerkapelle created the organization Mostert and de Vrij BV .

In 2018, a completely new business premises was realized for this at the Flier business park in Nijkerk. Performing both treatments at the same location provides major logistical benefits for our customers. Goods can be cleaned immediately after the pressure treatment and then stored in our own warehouse or transported to the final destination. In addition to cleaning, you can also come to us for, among other things, repacking your products.

Mostert en de Vrij

Total concept

By this we mean that we are a service provider that takes care of the entire process, from taking your containers out of the port, handling the product, cleaning and possibly storing it to supplying the raw materials to your customers. A unique combination of activities with which your products get a solid added value.

Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive expertise, your (bakery) seeds, pulses, grains, spices, etc. are in very trusted hands with us.

Because we have been active in the world of raw materials for the food and feed industry for years, we know them well; both nationally and internationally. We are close to our customers and know what developments and challenges are involved. We think along and are happy to be your sparring partner and supplier of practical and innovative solutions.

We are happy to assist you with questions or advice regarding the pressure treatment, handling, storage, processing, packaging and / or transport of your batches. Please feel free to contact us for information.

Storage & Transport

We have the option to store your products for a short or longer period of time. This is in accordance with the legal requirements (HACCP and Skal). We have to save your customs tariff.

Co2 Pressure treatment

Through this environmentally friendly process we kill all insects present in the nutrients. We have high-pressure cabins with a capacity of 15 euro pallets or 12 block pallets per room. All this is done according to HACCP and Skal certificate.


A CO2 pressure treatment kills off insects present at all stages but does not remove them. That is why a so-called cleaning step follows after the treatment. For this we have a completely new machine line that can remove the remains of the killed insects.


We would like to think further with you.


In principle, all products supplied by Mostert and de Vrij B.V. pass the threshold of natural and / or agricultural origin and find their origin worldwide. These products can entail risks in areas such as quality and food safety.

As your partner within both the human and animal food chain, food safety is of fundamental importance to us. To support this statement, we have opted for certifications according to the standards of FSCC22000 and GMP+.

In addition, as a link within the chain of your product, we are of course certified for the organic standards.

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